Wind Damage? Get it fixed fast!!

With all the recent wind, cars were dented by tree branches, flying toys and other debris.  Consider paintless dent repair to remove the dents in your car.

We have a fixed location, centrally located in Rochester, at 1184 Emerson St.   We can fix anything from small to large dents when the paint is not damaged (we are able to use touch up paint for small scratches, or buff fine scratches out).  Our process is an alternative to a body shop repair and allows you to keep your factory finish.  Since you won't need to replace panels, fill dents with filler, or paint the vehicle, the car will maintain it's resale value.  We can also work directly with your insurance company to handle your repairs along with scheduling a rental vehicle.

Stop in for a free damage consultation anytime Monday-Friday from 9-5.  

Call us at 585-721-6945 or fill out the form below: