Q: What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)? 

The Dent Guy, Ding, Dent Removal on Truck

A: Paintless Dent Repair is a process where skilled technicians remove dents and dings from a vehicle without disturbing or damaging the paint. When possible PDR is preferable over conventional auto body repair for the following reasons:

  • No body filler or paint is used. The original paint of the car is preserved adding to the resale value.
  • Quicker turn around time. A single dent can take less than a few hours compared to days in a repair shop.
  • Cheaper than conventional repair for small dents; comparable pricing for larger dents.
  • No need to file a claim through insurance, which means no Carfax report on your car!

Q. How is Paintless Dent Repair done?

PDR Tools.png

Several tools and techniques are used in PDR. The repair process may include using a rod to get behind a damaged panel, and glue pulling.  PDR techs use a special light to help them see the details of a dent and make sure it is 100% removed. It is important to have someone skilled in these techniques to avoid damaging the paint and panels (see my Blog).

Q: Can all dents and hail damage be repaired using PDR? 

A: No. Some dents and hail damage are so severe that a combination of both PDR and conventional methods must be used to bring the vehicle back to the original condition. If the paint is broken, the dent can be removed with PDR but conventional refinishing or brush touching will be needed. The Dent Guy offers a free consultation and can recommend the best repair for your car. 

Q: Do you have to drill holes to access the dents?

Plug used in paintless dent repair.

A: If a dent cannot be accessed for the repair, a hole may need to be made, but this is done only as a last resort.  If needed, it will be made in an area that is not visible from the outside of the car, such as a doorjamb or behind a tail-lamp and filled with a factory looking plug.  The Dent Guy will notify you if a hole is needed.  

Q: Is there a concern that my dent cannot be fully removed or my paint might crack? 

A: If the damage on your car is deep or creased, the metal may be stretched to the point that it cannot be repaired without using conventional methods. Any attempt to remove the dent may crack the paint but you will be notified in advance if this is a possibility.

Q: How long will most repairs take?  How much will it cost?

A: A door ding or a single minor dent can be completed in a hour or so.  Dents that are larger or deep may take several hours to repair. The cost of the repair will vary based on the size and number of dents, the severity and location of the dent(s).  Hail damage can take several days and will cost hundreds to thousand of dollars. Typically the cost is cheaper than conventional repair on small dents and is comparable on larger dents.

Q. Ok.  I'm ready for my free consultation.  What should I do?  What information do I need?

A. You can stop by the shop located at 1184 Emerson St for a easy on-the-spot consultation.  You can also call, or send an email (click on the car below for a link to contact information) with the following information:

  • What type of vehicle you have? This will help The Dent Guy visualize the car.  
  • Where is the dent is located?  This will help determine if the dent can be accessible from behind the panel.  
  • How large is the dent?  You can refer to coin sizes (dime, quarter, etc) or measure the entire length and height of the dent in inches.
  • Some follow up questions may include: how deep is the dent?  Is there a crease? Has the paint been damaged?  Is it on a bodyline?
  • It is also useful to have some pictures of the dent that can be sent via text or email.  

Q: Does my insurance cover PDR repairs? Will you work with my insurance?

A: Insurance companies now recognize PDR as a suitable alternative to conventional repairs. This method may be used alone or in conjunction with conventional methods. Although insurance companies recognize the convenience of these repairs most of them are less than the deductible that people carry on their policy. Unless there are numerous dings such as hail damage (which is a comprehensive claim) you can pay out of pocket for your repair, keep your premiums down, and best yet keep the repair off of Carfax!. The Dent Guy is a NYS registered repair facility licensed to work directly with your insurance company, we will take care of your claim and coordinate all your car rental needs.