Have Dents? You may be a candidate for Paintless Dent Removal!

To determine whether paintless dent removal will be successful, The Dent Guy considers the size, depth and location of the damage.  Good candidates are cars or trucks with:

The Dent Guy Yes or No
  • Smooth and shallow dents and dings. Deep and creased are more difficult and may not result in 100% removal.

  • Paint that is not significantly damaged or stretched. Small scratches or chips are ok, and can be removed using Dr. ColorChip technology.

  • Dents that are accessible from the back of the panel are ideal.

*The cost of repair varies based on the number of dents, size, depth, and location.

See our Car & Truck Gallery for examples.  To read reviews or leave a review see our Testimonials page. 

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ's page. 

Ready to Call the Dent Guy?

You can contact The Dent Guy by stopping by the shop located at 1184 Emerson St (near Mt. Read) or by phone at 585-721-6945 (Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm) or for more contact methods click on the car to the right. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What type of vehicle do you have? This will help The Dent Guy visualize the car.

  • Where is the dent located? Is it in a body line? This will help determine if the dent is accessible.

  • How large is the dent? The Dent Guy will refer to sizes such as a dime, quarter, softball, etc.

  • Some follow up questions may include: how deep is the dent? Is it a crease? Has the paint been damaged?

  • The Dent Guy may also ask for you to send pictures of the dent, if possible.

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