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One of the benefits of PDR is a quick turnaround time.  Minor dents and dings can be completed in less than a few hours, while significantly damaged vehicles (such as hail) will take up to a week.  We offer a free, honest consultation, just stop by the shop at 1184 Emerson St. If we can't fix it or it will be cheaper using conventional repair, we will let you know.  For more ways to contact The Dent Guy click here.


For small dents, PDR can be cheaper than taking it to a body shop.  For larger dents, the cost may be comparable to conventional methods of repair. However PDR is a better repair since the original paint is intact, there is no "mudding" over the dents, painting and blending in of panels.  Turnaround time is faster, and...


The cost to repair most minor dings and dents is less than your car insurance deductible, so there is no need to go through insurance.  So not only does your insurance not go up, you also won't get a Carfax Report on your car which would significantly decrease the value of your car.  PDR is also a great option for lease turn-ins so you don't get dinged with an additional penalty!


Minor dings can be an eyesore and depreciates the value of a car.  The Dent Guy prides himself on giving a quality repair striving for 100% dent removal with minimal intrusions to the car.  

Many dent repair techs will drill a hole in your car (ie. door jams) to gain access to a dent.  The Dent Guys intricate knowledge of the car allows him to remove head liners, door panels and wheel well covers to gain access to the dents without drilling holes.  If a hole needs to be drilled, he will let you know first! 

The best part is, the paint is original and undamaged.  This maintains the value of the car and eliminates any possibility of imperfections in the paint or the use of inferior non-factory paints when using conventional autobody repair.